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The new Fuji Xerox DocuWide C842, an energy and cost saving large format printer offers outstanding printing speed for large volume of high quality output. High productivity is achieved through the revolutionary fixed line head system that surpasses the previous moving system.

The DocuWide C842 utilizes a dedicated Caldera RIP for reliable wide format production supporting features such as tiling, composing, and nesting. It is highy recommended for construction/civil engineering industries with large-size drawing printing requirement. Our large format inkjet raises speed and efficiency in printing complex engineering drawings and electrical drawings which are often revised, increasing size of data caused by colorization.

In addition, this powerful large format printer assures comfortable operations with the easy-to use touch panel that allows the device to prepare in advance to meet various printing requirements. The printer is capable of printing on various sizes (A4 up to A0) and types of paper including a maximum of 42-inch wide-format sheets.

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DocuWide C842



  • High-speed printing with 7 A0-size sheets per min or 152.4m per second, 12ppm for A1-size landscape
  • Wide printing of up to 42 inch in width
  • Long-paper printing of up to 5 m in length
  • Continuous printing of up to 999 sheets, superb productivity
  • Various paper types supported


The constructiondesign, manufacturing, GIS, advertising, and output service industries can now focus and improve on their operation efficiencies with the following benefits:

Faster printing with improved image quality

The design of the DocuWide C842 can produce amazing colour output resolution of 1,600 x 1,600 dpi or equivalent at aconsistent high printing speed of 7 A0-size sheets per minute, 152.4 mm per minute. Various types of data can be printed continuously* which helps to reduce working hours and enhance productivity.

*continuous printing of up to 999 sheets

Enhanced technology with the revolutionary fixed line head system

Compared with the generic inkjet printer system that has a moving print head, DocuWide C842 has five print heads arranged and fixed in a zigzag formation that produce jets of four colour inks (CMYK) to enable one-pass printing, thereby realizing the high-speed printing of 152.4 mm per second.

Consistent image output for all your graphics needs

The newly developed ink circulating system eliminates air bubbles and impurities to ensure image stabilization.

User-friendly with wider choice of media

Long-paper printing of up to 5,000 mm1 with all available paper types such as plain papers, matte coated papers, tracing papers, and films. A cut sheet of up to 2,000 mm can be loaded into manual feed table enabling

1 2,000 mm when using manual feed.

Save operational costs with eco-friendly design

DocuWide C842 enables smooth paper replacement and prepares the device effortlessly for easy and hassle-free replacement of ink cartridge and paper.

Energy and ink save modes reduce the consumption of ink and power, helping businesses minimize operational costs and optimize resources.

Complies with International Energy Star Program and RoHS standard.


Docuwide C842

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