DocuWide 2055 high performance printer

DocuWide 2055


Fuji Xerox’s latest high-performance, wide-format printer is the fastest scanning printer in its class. DocuWide 2055/2055MF/2055EC converts large-scale hardcopy drawings into electronic documents speedily at 95mm per second at a high resolution of 600dpi.

Easily convert hand-drawn documents into high quality electronic documents with this super efficient wide format printer. Equipped with powerful scanning features such as importing of scanned data in a mailbox to a folder on a client PC easily, and even set it up to automatically import your scans on a regular basis.

DocuWide 2055/2055MF/2055EC allows users to multi- task and work more efficiently. Even while printing, you can switch to scan mode and begin scanning the next document without having to wait for your print jobs to be completed. Speed up printing of A1 and A3 sized documents with its high performance printing engine. 

While offering improved operability and performance, this wide format printer also allows optional security print and IC Card authentication features. These intelligent features can ensure an increase in productivity, document security and the saving of valuable workspace in your organisation, all with one printer – the DocuWide 2055.



DocuWide 2055 scans documents at 95 mm per second and prints A1-sized documents at a rate of 5 sheets per minute.

The standard model of DocuWide 2055EC comes with a by-pass tray. A variety of paper feeder options are available:

  • One 3-inch core roll (up to 200m) with Space Box
  • Two 3-inch core rolls (up to 200m)
  • One 3-inch core roll (up to 200m) and two A3/A4 paper trays

Speedy printing for A1-sized and 5-metre long documents

A1/portrait: 5 pages/min.,
A2/portrait: 6 pages/min,
A2/landscape: 8 pages/min,
A3/portrait: 8 pages/min,
A3/landscape: 10 pages/min,
A4/portrait: 10 pages/min,
A4/landscape: 12 pages/min

High quality printing

Printing at 600 x 600 dpi
Printouts in 30 seconds or less (with A1 size, 1.28MB data, Fed from upper roll)


Space saving design

The smart and streamlined design of the DocuWide 2055 series allows firms to save valuable workspace. A0-sized documents are scanned, and from the inner front exit tray, printed documents are delivered to the tray on the front of the main unit.

Reproduction controls for copy print outs*

Fixed and optional text such as “Do Not Copy” can be watermarked during printing of documents. When using this feature in combination with security printing, you can also print security card IDs.

*The optional electronic stamp kit is required. This feature is not available on DocuWide 2055EC.



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DocuWide 2055 high performance printer